Saturday, April 19, 2014

Book Themed Gifts and Parties

My very favorite gift to give for little ones are those that are oriented around a book.  I often pick a favorite book and then put together a gift set.  I started a pinterest board here.  Or you can click on the label 'book' below and these projects will pull up.  Some of my favorites include Fancy Nancy and all her fanciness, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and one year I recorded all my relatives reading a story and put them on a dvd and sent the book and the dvd to Blythe so she could have the book read to her from her different family members....even though she lives a few too many thousands of miles away.  I also love giving books instead of guest books at showers.  I even helped host several showers in the past completed revolving around bedtime stories.
I'm working on another birthday gift this year (May) that I'm really digging), and I'll be posting a bunch of Christmas gift book ideas I put together this past year in the fall.    I'm a reading anything I can do to get kids excited about reading...I'm in.  I heart a good picture book!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Books: 3 Little Pigs Party

Another workshop theme  last year at work during workshops, as we discussed where we wanted students to go/where they were at and what 'foundation' to build our teaching on was The Three Little Pigs.  
We had straws...
 Sticks (pretzel sticks).
Pigs in a Blanket (kind of morbid...I guess that makes us the wolves?).  
And then all our papers were on red acme brick with the info for the meeting for building a solid foundation.  Get it?  Huh?  Do ya? makes planning workshops so much more fun.  You could also serve rice crispie treat squares as bricks....but it didn't really go with the 'theme' b/c we needed something to tie it all together.  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Table Decor

Today on Good Morning, Texas I'm sharing Easter crafts.  My assignment was 'table decor' though I've thrown in a few other misc last minute projects.  The above are some napkin rings I put together.  I have seen these in craft stores around town, and several tutorials.  Here is my version.  
I'm also sharing these tattoo eggs.  These take about ten seconds (tutorial here), so I'll also be sharing some fun 'egg shell' crafts for candles and flowers.  No pictures yet, but I'll post the video on my facebook page later.  The week has kind of ran away from me....lots of fun reasons....I'll post those run away project soon, but in the meantime....the video will have to do.  
My 'extra' item this go round is a peat moss basket.  The one I'm bringing looks a little different from this one, but here is a tutorial from the past on making these super easy baskets.  
I always try to bring more than I'll need...time to fill is my biggest fear on TV....I can only imagine what I'd share with 30 or so seconds of unplanned time....

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bunny Ear Napkin Rings

 A year or so ago there were some napkin rings that looked like this at Pier One...since then I've seen the same concept at stores all over (especially boutiques).  I know there are some tutorials out there, but here is my version.
Step one-I took a toilet paper tube.  I cut it into 1 1/2 inch strips and then sliced it apart so it was one long strip.
 I cut burlap two inches longer and 3 inches wide.  I glued down a seam on the burlap with the glue gun and then folded it around the tube.
I glued the two ends together.
 I cut out two bunny ears.  I put a piece of double sided fusible fabric.  You iron on one side (the rough side) peel off the back and repeat.  You could just glue two pieces of burlap together-but the fusible 'stuff' just makes it stand up a little better.
Pinch the bottom, glue, and then just glue both ears to your ring.  Ta da-bunny ears.

Tattoo Eggs

 So...I've seen this around (Better Homes and Garden) and I decided this year I was going to bypass the vinegar and egg dye and try this out instead.  Yes, you could still dye your eggs and add a tattoo, but I like the white.  I found butterfly tattoos via Amazon, but I'm sure (know) there are some super cute ones at most stores in the part section (with glitter).
 It is RIDICULOUS how easy this is....I took the tattoo, peeled the plastic film off, press it paint side down to the egg and applied a wet cloth.  It's the same steps you take to apply these to your flesh.  It came right off and slide onto the egg.
Nothing like Easter like tattoos butterflies.  Oh the possibilities!

Miss Spider's Tea Party Gift Set

This year for Blythe's Christmas I wanted to get Blythe a paint your own tea set.  I think she's finally old enough to handle the ceramic, and enjoy the painting it up to fit her style.  I made some little tea bags, sugar cubes, and lemon wedge pieces to add to the playset (I blogged about these a few months ago).  Per usual, it's necessary that each gift I give to small children comes with a book-so I added Miss Spider's Tea Party. Simple, educational, and lots of imagination required. I can't wait to have 4 year old hosted tea parties with Blythe.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Books: If You Give a Pig a Pancake

 Part of my job includes presenting and/or facilitating meetings within the district, or within our school.  My teammate and I always come up with a theme.  We realize if you feed people they are a little less upset about the extra hours.  Last year we decided each meeting's food would align with a children's book.  These things are important :cough-to nobody but me-cough:.  BUT...wouldn't this be fun on a bigger scale as a teacher appreciate gift, or just for a bunch of kids that love the If you Give A....A..... series.  We decided to go with If you give a pig a pancake (it was a morning meeting) and I brought up a skillet.  We made pancakes..
 Then put out some different toppings (fruit, butter, walnuts, peanut butter, whipped cream, syrup etc).
 All the papers, of course, given out at the meeting had some icons that follow the book (downloaded online) along with the meeting notes.  I really do this more for my own sanity.  Themes make everything way more fun.  ...or at least a little less miserable.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Black and White Crafts

On today's Good Morning, Texas I'm sharing black and white crafts.  I'll post the video later on facebook.  I'm not sure what all the show will entail...I know I decided that black and white to mean meant books and old tutorial I'll be sharing is turning photos into candle holders.

Vintage Photo=New Candle Holder-Seriously, these are so easy, and how cute would they be at an anniversary or birthday party? I scanned a photo of my grandmother and her mom when she was young and printed it onto vellum (I found it at Hobby Lobby-near the scrapbook paper).

 I just added a glaze of mod podge to the candle holder and pressed the vellum down (after I trimmed it).  The mod podge dries clear.  You may need to press the bubbles out some when you first lay it down.  

Dictionary Necklace-I blogged about that yesterday.

Book Wreath-it cost me a buck to make this-that tutorial lives here.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dictionary Necklace

 This won't be the last you see of this technique, but here's my first go at it....I decided to make these dictionary word necklaces.  I have an old dictionary I've used a lot in the past for various crafts.  My friend got it at a garage sale.  You can find them at used book stores etc....
 I love the old pictures etc.
For necklace number one I found the word love.  You can grab these clear tiles in all shapes and sizes at the craft store in the jewelry section.
 You can also find these diamond glazes-I bought mine from a company at a craft show I was recently at-that website is  I don't get anything for telling you that, I just thought you'd like the source....though I'd be glad to have a free bottle or six!
 You dab five dots on the back-you want enough so that when you press down your picture, it covers the whole backside.
 Press it so that you see the words you want displayed.  It shouldn't run as long as it's not an inkjet printing-you could do this with any small picture etc....and I will....believe you me, I will.
 I used a q-tip to wipe off the extra.  Once it dried, I cut the edges (it takes about 10 minutes to dry.
 You could use glue, or jewelry glue dots to attach this to a jewelry tray (also found at the craft store).
I've got plans for these-magnets, jewelry, and gifts, oh my.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Bird House Ideas

 Today I'm bringing bird houses to Good Morning, Texas.  They asked-I got to work.  First up is the one above using a preformed bird house I attached wine corks too.  A bird bar.  Here is the full tutorial for that.  I don't drink, I'm not a fan, but....I am fascinated by wine corks-I bought these on etsy.  
 I do love a good recycled project, in this case-I found a pink pan at the thrift store for a few bucks and put this little gal together.  Here is that tutorial.
Last up, a true recycled project-I took a coke bottle and painted it.  I just used acrylic paint on the outside (so none would chip off an affect any next that were built here).  You could use the full bottled, but I cut mine down into two pieces.  I sprayed it with some water resistant spray.  I used and blade to cut out the hole.  The size of your hole determines the size of your bird family.  I also read to place brighter houses near gardens, and more natural colors if they are just in a tree so you don't advertise to the enemy (aka, the cat) where they can find a tasty snack.  How high you hang your house also matters.  Here's a link on I found.  The full step by step video should be posted on my facebook page later.